Tuesday, September 16, 2014

It's Okay Tuesday & Did you Know?

Each Tuesday, I join my one of my favorite bloggers for It's Okay Tuesday. It's a great way to list a ton of random stuff that I want to ramble on about, be Okay with and share.

It's Okay: 

That a bribe to be quiet appeared on the counter this morning. After a rough night closing our local grocery store.Emily wanted to sleep in. Which meant that the morning routine needed to be done with the mute button on.We made it happen for her. Everyone enjoyed the donuts.  I guess, case lot sales can bring out the worst in people. Especially at 10pm at night. 

Did you know: 

That I have taken to blogging and posting a day late. Yep, this will be the first post that I post on time. I start writing and begin to fall asleep while typing. So, I save what I have written for the next morning. Finish up the post and post it. 

Which means, that I am tardy often. Never was tardy when I was growing up. I want to blame my tardiness on having children. 

The only time that I am not tardy, is when I go to work. 

There aren't many more secrets to share. I am like an open books. Sometimes, I might be a bit to open with information, when it comes to family. 

I love a clean house, but don't like cleaning it. 

Someday, I plan on owning a condo on a beach somewhere. California, & Hawaii are possibilities. 

That's All Folks!!! 

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Fall Inspired Mood

The leaves are changing right before my eyes. Until this morning, I hadn't even taken time to notice. Yikesabee!

With the weather changing, the leaves falling. I just noticed as well, all the neighbors changing up their front door swag.  Makes me want to do the same. Just spent a little time on Pinterest getting inspired. Follow Jenny Lynn's board Fall Beauty on Pinterest.  Change is always good. Changing with the season keeps things fresh and exciting. I am blessed to live in a place where I can see the changes happening. I am in a fall inspired mood ready to make my house look it.

The Saratavo Approach

Our family was invited to watch The Saratavo Approach with some neighbors this evening. After saying goodbye and thanking them for a wonderful evening. I  hurried Brad home and to bed. Because, I had to get online to look up this movie and the events that surrounded it. This movie has really hit home on the power of prayer. Two missionaries giving two years of their lives to teach and share their testimony. find themselves kidnapped. Their faith, was astounding in this tough situation. They new God had a plan and were willing to die for what they believed. I maybe rambling here. It's late, I am tired. But, this movie really touched my heart. If you are looking for something to get  you thinking, this would do it.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Why Blog?

This is a question that haunts me day after day. Funny, that this is the blog prompt for today. I have always kept a journal. One day, in 2006 I was fiddling around the computer trying to find a way to journal and save paper. I happened upon blogs. I was captivated. Hooked. For days all I did was read blogs. Then I toyed with the idea of starting one. Nervously, I clicked and started my first blog. It was stinky. I didn't like it. I deleted it. Then started over. A family blog. Simply A Family! I loved it. Up until the day that my older children asked me to stop blogging about them. So, out of respect for them. I stopped. The blog was shut down, but not deleted. Secretly, I have hope that maybe, just maybe I will be able to someday blog on it again. I knew that I could not give up blogging, so, I started Jenny Lynn Designz. It's not really a design blog, but more about me creating/designing my own life. So, it's a lifestyle blog. Also, a sneaky way of still blogging about the fam. What they don't know won't hurt them, Right?

Saturday, September 13, 2014


Traditions, things we cling to and bind us together as a family. 

Many years ago, won't say how many. I discovered that I was different. Yep, God made me a little different than the rest of the world. Then to top it, I married someone who was a little different than the average Joe. Together we started some "Different" types of traditions for our family. Being that we both come large, noisy families...we like quiet. So, here is our "different" way of celebrating the Holidays. 

Valentines Day: I do something for all of the children. Robert does something sweet for me. 

Saint Patrick's Day: I remind everyone to wear green. Also, remind everyone not to pinch people who happen to forget to wear green. 

April fools: We are tricksters at our house. Beware. Hubby plans something big for a work every year and gets them every time. Here at home, well, we are all trying to trick each other. It's a day full of laughter here. Everyone thinks they are the funniest. 

Easter: A quiet day of remembrance for most. Is a family day for us, where we eat a nice dinner, eat too many sweets and play games. 

Halloween: We have our traditional trick or treat route in the neighborhood that we take. Everyone going grabs pillow cases to hold their loot. We eat chili with corn bread. Which will change this year thanks to my food allergies. We will still have chili, but with dinner rolls instead.  I encourage my children to create their own costumes from items we have around the house. We will purchase face paint and small accessories as needed. But, I never spend more than $20. 

Thanksgiving: Every couple of years, which we are due to do this year. We host a family dinner for everyone who lives in the area. We love our extended family. But, most years we celebrate with our own children.  Robert and I get up early to get the turkey in. Pies are made the night before by him, with the help of the boys. Then I make a traditional Orange Cream Jello. We lounge around in pj's all day, watching football. I get my best nap of the year on this day, while laying on the couch snuggled up against Robert. Children can be found laying all over the place with gaming devices or books. Our livingroom looks like it has been attacked by pillows and blankets. We will end the day with playing board games or card games with the children. Apples to Apples happens to be our girls, even though they are all teenagers, favorite game to play. 

Christmas: We love this holiday. The day after Thanksgiving the girls, Brad and I set up all the decorations. We start planning our baking, shopping list and service project for the month. Robert and I never shop until late at night when the stores are almost empty. When they are staying open all night. When there are no small children crying. When our children are chilling and we can sneak in our surprises. It all happens just a few days before Christmas Eve. I have always done pj's on Christmas Eve. Robert and I like to buy pj bottoms, then a funny graphic shirt that we feel fits each child for that year. We love stockings, stuffed with funny things and on the side do a new drink cup for the year. We have done matching mugs, individual water bottles, each year they get something to drink out of. Just our thing. We spend this day in pj's as well, playing games, watching movies and simply enjoying each others company. Oh yea, also eating way to many goodies. 

New Years Eve: Robert usually crashes before the countdown starts. I will find myself with the girls watching a movie and then watching the ball drop in NY, We grab pots and pans, run outside screaming into the night (on Utah time), Happy New Year! Then come in to pop open Apple Cider to toast with. We drink, laugh and  talk, until someone decides to head to bed. 


Thursday, September 11, 2014

What Inspires Me?

I can find inspiration everywhere. 

1. Rainy Days: It feels like the old feelings are being washed away to make room for new fresh ones. Hope always comes to mind. As in Hope for a better days. 

2. Reading about other women's triumphs over difficult situations. Makes me want to be strong too. Right now a favorite blogger that I have been following for a few years now, host this wonderful, inspiring post at least once a week called My Name is. It is women sharing their stories of tragedy turned triumph. These stories are simply amazing. I am really grateful to Jacy for inspiring blog. 

3. Being a spiritual person, I will seek wisdom out of my scriptures. I find amazing stories of hope and inspiration in The Bible and The Book of Mormon I have a strong testimony of Jesus Christ. And I believe with a deep gratitude in my heart, in the Atonement. Christ is my Advocate, Savior, and Redeemer. For more about what I believe go here. There is also a song that also sums up my testimony wonderfully, called I Believe In Christ

4. I also find inspiration in art. From the time I was a young girl I have been blessed to live amongst artist. My grandmother and dad, had a great love of art. They passed it on to me. They both taught me different things about color, painting, drawing and just simply admiring others accomplishments. I will find myself checking to see what exhibits are at BYU museums, or going to Springville museum. In college, I had the pleasure of spending hours at a few museums in Balboa, California. 

5. Architecture is like a soothing pacifier When my brain gets cluttered, it all disappears when I look at floor plans, read my friend Sue's Blog Housekaboodle, or look at photos from favorite architects. Grand mansions blow my mind. Of course I am always wondering how those places are going to get cleaned. Who would want to clean them. 

6. Shells inspire me. Not sure why. Sometimes I think it is better not question the feeling you get when holding something like a shell and finding peace in it. I love to draw shells. 

 7. Last, but not least.  My family inspires me to strive to be better. I love my family with all my heart. I have been blessed beyond measure with wonderful children. Each have pushed me to be stronger in different ways, and taught me different lessons. Someday, I will share more on those life lessons that came with each of my children.  

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