Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Nesting Place: It Doesn't Have to Be Perfect to Be Beautiful

Whew! That title is a mouth full.
It says a lot. Pretty much sums up my philosophy on keeping house.
Myquillyn, has been a renter for years. She gets what it's like to have a creative heart and want to have a decorated home. But, to be under a renters rules. I love how she simply makes her house a home by decorating without worrying about getting her rental deposit back. Then goes to work to make the home fit her families needs despite awkward layouts. Having rented homes for 20 plus years myself I get this fact pretty well. There is no buying furniture that fits the house.You need to make what you have fit.You have to get creative. I love her book. It is amazing. So, much so...I am reading it again. Looking for a light, creative, inspiring book to read hers is a must. I mustn't forget to add that I love visiting her blog. I have been a silent follower for sometime now.


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Proof of Life

Proof of Life is a reminder that I am raising children, not a  house. Each week I find proof of that simply lying around my house. Here is current proof of that. 

Disappearing cereal bowls. 
They all seemed to be disappearing. 
Down to 4 left in the cupboard. 
Asked children if they knew what was happening to them.
No one knew. 
Hmmm....what could be happening to them? 
A short time later, I caught a child bringing this neat pile of dishes up the stairs from her room. 
Apparently she has been taking snacks down stairs late at night to eat when doing homework. 
Ever have this happen? 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Finding Design Inspiration

When it came to choosing my own color palette to decorate with. 
I had become indecisive. 
Big time.
I love the rainbow, white, black and neon would probably be my least favorite colors to look at. 
Because, then I need cool shades to look at them.
It hit me one day as I sat  on the couch looking up at the mantel where this simple candle votive holder sat. I knew it should be my color pallet inspiration. 
That is how I came up with my color palette for decorating my living room, dinning, and kitchen. Which are all open to each other. 

 I am in love with this little piece.  It draws me in. I like the swirls on it.
It came from my sister in law. She has amazing taste. 
She got it from a company called Simplydesignz.
The last part of their name is how I came up with my blog name. 
I have been an admirer of their work for sometime. 
To have an actual piece is wonderful. 

This is one of those things I will be taking with me to my Assisted Living home, because it makes me smile. Decorations around my home, should make me feel happy, because a happy momma makes for a happy home. So, if you are struggle like I was to find your color palette for designing a room. Sometimes, all it takes is surveying your room to find that one small thing that stands out. 

Friday, February 20, 2015

Mantel Makeover

As promised yesterday, here is my living room fire place mantel makeover.
Simple. Cheap. And it looks amazing.


After clearing off the mantel. I gathered on my dinning table a few things.
All the things I wanted to put on my mantel. 
I remembered to edit things down. 
Don't want it cluttered. 
Simple and clean are the feeling I am going for. 

I gathered: 
A bucket full of sea shells, I collected from living in CA. 
Also, a few items that represent growing up near the beach. 
With some glass vases. I picked them up at a local thrift store. 
I spent a whopping total of $5  
I then filled them with my sea shells. 
Then started playing around with  placement of everything. 


Someone walked off with my yellow paper weight fish. 
Tracking it back down. 
My children love that our seashells are finally where we can see them everyday. 
There are many good memories tied to them.
Bonus. They are no longer taking up space in my basement.
A goal is to get rid of having a storage all together. 

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Painting of Inspiration

Recycle. Something I try to do whenever possible. I love to re-use old things.
I bought this fabulous looking painting a few years ago.
It cost something like $5 at a yard sale. Yeppie!!!
One day about a week ago I was sick of looking at the ugly frame.
Which was keeping me from hanging it up.
 I took the painting apart.
Took the frame outside, tossed in on the grass.
Pulled out my favorite spray paint. Went to town on it.
Before, dinner the frame was back in the house. Lookin fresh!
I was in love with the entire look of it all.

Then I had a lightbulb moment. 
What if I add some vinyl lettering of a favorite quote to it? Hmmm....
Then I knew it was a bright idea when vinyl lettering was 50% off. 
It was a heavenly sign. Then to top it all off I found one of my favorite scriptures! 
It was a done deal. 

Discovered that the lettering wasn't sticking as well as it need to. 
Totally understood why it wasn't going on the way I imagined.
I was putting vinyl lettering on an old oil painting, not a clean, freshly painted wall. 
Solution? Mod Podge. 

Two coats later. 
There laid on my table something that made me smile. 
I suddenly knew where to hang it up. 
 Right over the fireplace.

 Hubby doesn't like the placement of the word "THE" above Lord. 
I love that I made a minor mishap in the placement.
 It is a reminder that I am not perfect. 
Which is just fine with me. 
More to come, with the mantel makeover next. 

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A Neglected Cabinet's Slow Make Over

Yesterday, I shared my version of creating a runner for the top of this old cabinet that sits in my dinning room. I love how beat up and imperfect it looks.  It still  has been in desperate  need of some TLC. I have been doing small things to fix it up.

Today, I added these sweet looking set door knobs. The original knobs were donated to a different project  over two years ago. At the time of the door knob theft, I wasn't sure if I was keeping this cabinet. Since, we really need the storage I  started looking at this cabinet in a new light, and fell in love with it.  Now, opening it without door knobs, is so hard. But, we have been doing it. Finally, I found some super cute door knobs that I liked. These are such a cute must have. These look like they are from Pairs or at least remind me of Paris. Could be that they have the word Paris on them that I like so much. Awe, (me sighing) I love them. They cost $3.99 each at Hobby Lobby. Used a 25% off coupon.

 Took me all of five minutes to put them on. Made me happy! I love adding  small and simple touches to my home, that make it  feel comfy cozy.  The children love the knobs. Hubby hasn't noticed as of yet.

Now, what to do about the missing drawer on the very bottom? And, Should I paint it ? What color should it be? Black, turquoise or something different? 
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