Monday, April 7, 2014

Thrifty New Suit

Awe, it is finally quiet. Everyone has gone to bed or are chilling in their bedrooms for the night. Dogs are kenneled. The light bulb in one daughters closet was changed. I got a chance to put on comfy pj's. The last load of laundry is drying. It is my time. I am thinking. Sometimes not a smart idea to be doing before going to bed. This time it is a good thing. 

I am thinking that I got a great deal on a new suit, new to use, for Bradley to wear for Holton's wedding. When I went to the local thrift store. It only cost me $10. Woohooo!!!

There are some really creative ladies who came up with a super cool idea for those tough to make beds. It is called Beddy's Beds. Amazing bedding that zips up and opens up like a sleeping bag. It makes it possible for those kiddo's sleeping on bunk beds, captains beds, and sleigh beds to make them up each morning. Check it out here. Great video to watch.

Off to clean up e-mail. Then hit the sack. Sleep. 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Brad's Clothing Mess

 Well, we are still working to spring clean. It may take me all of spring and summer to get it all done. Today I tackled Brad's clothing mess. I do mean mess. Like most typical boys that are 11 years old. His laundry made it to the floor of his room instead of into the closet after being launder. It has been no surprise that he feels like he has no clothes to wear. The things he picks up to wear, he claims don't fit anymore. Time to sort everything and clean up the mess.  As he helped me sort his pile of clothes from off the floor of his room. They were transported to the floor of our living room. Where we made a plan easy enough for him to handle.

Before the sorting began.
By the way, he did all the sorting.

After the sorting began. 

There was a jean and jacket pile ( we sorted it again to make sure they fit), a dirty pile, giveaway, and a keep that was clean. Once done we bagged up everything up to giveaway. There were 3 bags of jeans, jackets and shirts. Poor kid out grew pretty much everything. Then I loaded all the bags up into the back of my car to take to the local thrift store. In the last 2 weeks I have made two trips already. I know I will be making more. 
 After cleaning his room, there was one bag trash. Which surprised me. I guess I expected more. You never know what you might find in a kids bedroom or what they might be collecting. I even threw out a pillow that had seen one to many nose bleeds. Bradley gets bad ones from time to time. 
Remember when I shared that Bradley had decorated my dinning room wall with a minecraft poster. Well we finally got it hanging up in his room as well today. I think it looks great with the other new posters above his bed. 

That was all the time I had for spring cleaning today. Once we were done I realized that if he were going to return to school tomorrow, that I was going to have to go buy him some pants that fit. So, we went and bought some shorts along with a few new shirts. I will be watching for Old Navy to have their summer shorts sale. He will need a couple more pairs of shorts and at least a pair of jeans. We really did give pretty much everything away. (shaking my head) Still can't believe how much he has grown. 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Organizing My Closets

Spring cleaning time has begun. I started with my own bedroom, the closet was so out of control. To take a before photo would have been just way too embarrassing. It is loads more fun to show the after photos. The feeling of  a clean closet is so amazing. When cleaning out my clothes this time. I gave away everything that did not fit. Even things I thought I might drop enough weight to get into in the near future. They just weren't my style anymore and I am not sure why I kept such old clothes that I didn't even like. Then there was stuff that was way to big, due to my current weight loss. I was glad to say goodbye to those things. 

Now that you have seen the after, my success. Here is my secret to tackling and accomplish this in one day. I totally emptied out of the closet of only the clothes. Then I straightened up the shoes. Got rid of all the ones I haven't worn in a while. Threw out a few old favorites that had seen better days. Then made a place for the giveaway, trash, laundry, and other. Then began the task of sorting. I would grab an item,and either tossed it into one of the piles or hung up in the closet. I ended the day with 3 bags of stuff to giveaway. Now, I am ready to tackle kids rooms. The girls especially. 

 Hoping to add to the pile before Friday. After all Friday was my goal date for having a few closets cleaned out enough to fill my trunk with stuff to giveaway. That is my final tip. I like to have a goal date to get things done by. It really helps me to follow through. 
I sure do love spring and spring cleaning. 

Monday, March 17, 2014


Look at what I  found on my dyer one day a few weeks ago. Marshmallows. Dried out marshmallows. None of the kiddo's would confess to who had left the open bag there. Since they were hard like a brick. I tossed them out. Awe, the things kids do around the house sometimes baffle me. (me laughing) Gotta just go with it sometimes. Just more Proof of Life that I am raising children. 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

New Living Room Furniture

It's Sunday. A day of quiet. It is one of my favorite days of the week. I can lounge in my jammies with my feet up. I don't have to work, clean house or really do too much. It is also a day that I reflect on things that I would like to be better at, improve on or cherished moments. Today, I am reflecting on my journey with Robert to find new living room furniture. 

Here are few that we considered: 

Now I do like to shop. I just don’t like to spend money. I need a good bargain before I will lay out some hard earned cash. So, when it came time for use to face the reality that our living room furniture was garbage. The comfy green recliner was broken. It just broke one day. Funny thing. No one could tell me what happened to it. Hmm…  The couch that I love to nap on has surely seen better days. It was clear that we needed new funiture.   Robert and I decided to start shopping around for something new. We began by measuring the living room. Talking about how much seating we needed and wanted. Then the search began. We were not sure what style, leather, fabric, sectional or anything that we wanted. One date night we went to Ashley furniture, got lost in the maze of Ikea and the next date we headed to RC Willey. Those were the stores closets to us. We began talking about what style we liked. Simple, clean lines. Modern. I like leather and wasn't sure about micro fiber. Which by the way seems to be really, really popular here in Utah. I don’t get it. Then there was the thrift stores and consignment stores to be visited. Still, we just were not seeing anything that we liked. But, finally we agreed on one thing. We loved ottomans. We wanted a big one.

Being on a budget we decided finally on that we wanted. A couch with a chair and ottoman. We wanted something dark, either fabric or leather would be fine.  It took us 2 weeks to finally decide on what we wanted. Next, we decided we would find it second hand. Even if we had to wait . After all we still have a house full of kids at home along with 2 small dogs to consider. I don’t want something so nice that they can’t sit on them. Well, yesterday we hit the jackpot. Got the deal or at least what we believe is a great deal. Were able to move it ourselves. 

Also, it has already been camped on. Apparently, the dogs have given their approval as well. By napping by whoever is relaxing with their feet up. 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Stealing Shoes

 It felt like I was stealing these shoes when I got to the register at Big Five. Why? Because, I got the deal of a life time or at least for Saturday. I bought these beauties for only $20 bucks. Normally they are $65 on sale, but they were on super clearance. Lucky me! I love a great bargain.  Now let's go admire my neon, hot deal. 

I am sure to get plenty of comments at work from my residents/patients. Because, the last pair I wore had neon shoe strings and they like them. Last pair were blue. I am really digging the pink this time.

When was the last time you got a hot deal on a pair of shoes? 
I am headed out to find wedding attire for the family. Holton's wedding and reception is on Wednesday. We still don't have outfits to wear. Colors, Black, Red and White. 
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