Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day...Junk

Hubby and I tackled our junk filled basement today. It was took a lot of  hard "LABOR" to get most of it done. I say most. Because, there is still boxes of photos, genealogy and old scrapbooks that need some tlc. Can you believe I got a bit emotional over some of the junk in the photo below. Yep, sure did. Even started to shed a tear or two. But, Hubby held my hand, offered some great questions for me to ponder while sorting. Like, "would this go with you to your dream home?" or " Is this going to help you achieve your goals right now?". Just what I needed to help me let go. Thanks Babe! 

Now I am chilling watching an old movie, and cleaning out my e-mail. Also, noticed I have been nominated for the ALS ice bucket challenge. Guess, I better plan something spectacular for that. Maybe I should just donate. Not thrilled at the idea of dumping ice on my head. Going to think about it. So, thanks sister for nominating me. 

Saturday, August 30, 2014

No Jumping On The Bed

Sometimes you just gotta jump on the bed. That is what I just did. Yep, jumped on the bed for fun. No one was around. I am not sure what came over me. But, I just did it. It felt great. I use to tell the kids not to jump on the beds or couches. I would even sing the song, 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed to whoever I would catch jumping on furniture. One monkey always falls off and breaks his head.

Rain. The first two weeks of school is over now and I can't believe how much rain we have gotten. It rained the first week of school and right into the beginning of week two. We have had a reprieve the last few days. Which has been so nice for the kiddo's.

Wish I could say I have been working on something fun. Like sewing or baking. But, I have been working like crazy at my job. Tomorrow will make 6 days of working from 6:15 to 2:30.  It makes me feel good to work hard for my family. But, will admit that I am looking forward to a day off. Monday! Hubby and I will be working on a House Project. Can't wait to share. I am typing and falling asleep. Not even sure if I am making any sense at this point. Off to bed. 

Friday, August 29, 2014


Decided to try something new a couple of months ago, racquetball. I have read that  you can burn 800 calories. That sounds nice. Another great benefit, besides the calories burned,  is getting out some aggression.  So, I dragged Brad to play. Before we left to go play, I googled the rules. Then I tried to explain the rules to him. Didn't go over so well.

 "Mom, let's just hit the ball already" he sighed after listening for a few moments. 

 We ended up just trying to hit the ball on one bounce. I believe that I have a great serve! Brad just wanted to whack the ball any which way he felt like. We ended up playing for an hour. It was fun or at least I had fun. He said it made him to hot and sweaty. Once home, I was commenting that we needed to find a place to store our new racquetball equipment. He offered to put it away.  Tossed in good old kid fashion, right onto a shelf in his room. With all the other piles of stuff he feels is organized. 

After a bad day at work recently, all I could think of was playing racquetball. But, it didn't happen.  Still can't quite figure out how to squeeze everything in right now. Awe, school year routines! They always take time to figure out. Somehow, I am going to squeeze in some racquetball this year and find a new place to store our equipment. 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Baking Powder Re-placement

Baking Powder has corn starch in it. Did you know that? I wasn't aware of what was in much of anything until recently. Now, I am very aware. I did some research and found that Baking Soda and Cream of Tartar together are great replacements for Baking Powder. 


1 tsp Baking Powder 

Replace it with : 

 1/4 Baking Soda + 1/2 Cream of Tartar

I have been very grateful for this useful information, since baking powder is in most goodie recipes. It's nice to know that I can make some cookies that I can eat now. I haven't had cookies in over 2 months, since finding out about my food allergies. Will be working on a cookie recipe this next week, to try. Happy Day! 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

It's Okay Tuesday

Each Tuesday I join one of my favorite bloggers in "It's Okay Tuesday"!

Airing My Dirty Laundry

It's Okay....

..........That I refused to do any back to school supply shopping before school started. I gotta have the list of demands/must haves before I go. 

............That when I blog I forget sometimes to edit and schedule my post ahead of time. So, that means that I may forget to post something that is ready to be posted, on time. 

............I am ready for summer vacation to come back. It went to fast. 

............That I love the recent rain storms we keep getting. Our grass is finally green and some of our plants are looking good again. 

.............. that Brad needed his shaggy hair cut or shaved off for the first day of school. So, when it was time for him to get his hair cut. The gal turned to ask me how I wanted it done. I told her to ask him. I am OKAY, with letting my children decided how they want their hair done. Because, it always grows back. Color fades or washes away. Brad wanted his hair shaved off, but she managed to talk him into a short cut. Which he seems fine with. 

Monday, August 25, 2014

A Moody Birthday

Emily's 20th Birthday caused me to be a tad moody. Melancholy is a better word. My baby girl is growing up. At her age, was all I could think of throughout the day. What I was doing at her age,  and where I was at her age?  Crazy, I know! Anyways, we had a fun day shopping. That's what she wanted to do for her special day. We went all over in three different outings. She started school and needed to attend the first day of class. Then Brad was getting out of school, needed to get him. Little things like that broke up our shopping spree.  My favorite store to shop was H&M. Great store. Found Emily a really cute shirt or maybe I say a stylish and sophisticated shirt, to wear. We went all over to many different stores. We found some really nice jewelry and both still agree that we find Kohl's confusing to shop. Will explain later. Best part of the day, was seeing her smile and blow out the candles on her cake! 

Happy 20th Dear, Sweet Daughter! 

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