Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Boys Room

Remember that heart shape bed that I spray painted orange.  Well, apparently it's no longer hip for a 12 year old boy to sleep on! Instead, the cool thing to have is a Futon. That's right. His room's not working out for him. Cluttered. Messy, and not hip. No cool vibs!

Big Brother and Sister in-law came in to save the day with a sweet deal on a Ikea Futon. Colors for his room. Black, Orange and Blue. Is a huge baseball nut, basketball lover and golf pro. Just ask. Pre-teens know everything. Wink, Wink....

I have four rooms undergoing makeovers right now. I love it. Check out this awesome teen boy's bedroom ideas I created on Pinterest.

This futon retails for $500.00 
We got it for $50. 

Monday, March 30, 2015

Snails at Target

Finally a weekend off to do one of my favorite things to do, shopping for home decor'. Stopped in at Target, was in search of some storage boxes. They didn't have what I wanted. But, I happened onto these cuties! I loved wandering through all the home decor' isles. I saw all kinds of must haves. check out Nate Berkus's great line here. I had no idea that he had teamed up with Target to start a line. One that I could afford. Makes my heart flutter with happiness. Since I love his style.

It was a such a great weekend. Glad to have gotten out all day Saturday. I needed it. I was glad to k spend Sunday resting up for my busy work week, which starts tomorrow. Today,  I decided to have fun doing some spring cleaning.  Yep, I find it fun! Brings back great memories of past spring cleaning adventures at my grandmothers house. When mom would take me over to help clean out and re-paper her kitchen. There were all kinds of fun forgot things found tucked away in her kitchen. Spring cleaning is/was like a treasure hunt.

Do you like to spring clean?  

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Painting My Room

Just got finished for the night painting. I am loving the color I went with. Can't wait to share more really soon. I plan on sharing my theory on picking paint, along with doing something surprisingly different in my room. Breaking a few rules of design along the way. But, I am not quite finished with the room make over yet. It has been so fun! It's late. I work tomorrow. So, I am off to bed. Sweet dreams will be had. Because, I am happy. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

It's Okay Tuesday!

Airing My Dirty Laundry

It's Okay: 

....That I haven't had time to blog the last few days. 

....That the reason there hasn't been anytime to blog. Is, I have a big room make over that I am working on. It is more work than I thought. Totally excited about it. Can't wait to share it. 

....That I am becoming obsessed with youtube channel Living Big In A Tiny House.  

....That I bought these two funny books for Hubby. They were his valentines day gift. Or at least a part of it. They have writing prompts in them. They are very funny. So, him. 

Friday, March 6, 2015

Before, Before and After

  Was at the local thrift store a few weeks ago with Hubby. I happened on to this sign. Not my style. But, thought it would be the perfect for putting a scripture on it. It cost $2.00!

I was so excited about making it over. Found some nice sticky letters. Painted the sign black first. I wanted the letters to be black. Then, I carefully placed the letters on. Sprayed them with  my favorite happy color. Only when I peeled the letters off. I was very disheartened by the results. Didn't like the look of it at all. AGH!!! 


When I was  at Michaels Craft the other night with Annika. I found some really cute wood words. Now that is a mouth full. But, I like them. On the fly, I bought some. Then found some nice scrapbook paper. 

I trimmed the paper and modge podged it on. It was a little freaky at first due to the air bubbles that kept appearing. I walked away. Letting it dry. Hoping to figure out a way to deal with the bubbles. But, when I went back to see if it was dry. The bubbles were gone. Yah!!! Fist pump!!! High Five!!!

Then I hand painted the wood letters a red color. I like the way red and turquoise look together.  Red is always adds a nice POP of color. 

Once they were dry. I glued them on with Modge Podge. Markered in the at sign. It's not perfect. But,  I like it. Hubby walked in from work. Saw it sitting on the dinning table and wanted to know where it was going. He liked it. It's simple! We like simple, imperfect things. 

All that's left is to hang it. I have the perfect spot in the dinning room. Just no energy to do it right now. Have to get ready for a concert tonight. All my excuses for not getting it hung up. 

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Proof of Life: Balloon Art

 Proof of life is a reminder that I am raising children, not a house. Each week I find proof of that simply lying around. Here is current proof.

This balloon has been hanging out on my livingroom ceiling since Valentines day.
Yep, seems like I have a new sweet piece of  art work hanging on the ceiling.
It actually makes me laugh everytime I get up and see it is still up there.
We are now wondering how long it's going to stay up there.
Want to a guess?

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