Monday, February 24, 2014

Stealing Shoes

 It felt like I was stealing these shoes when I got to the register at Big Five. Why? Because, I got the deal of a life time or at least for Saturday. I bought these beauties for only $20 bucks. Normally they are $65 on sale, but they were on super clearance. Lucky me! I love a great bargain.  Now let's go admire my neon, hot deal. 

I am sure to get plenty of comments at work from my residents/patients. Because, the last pair I wore had neon shoe strings and they like them. Last pair were blue. I am really digging the pink this time.

When was the last time you got a hot deal on a pair of shoes? 
I am headed out to find wedding attire for the family. Holton's wedding and reception is on Wednesday. We still don't have outfits to wear. Colors, Black, Red and White. 


  1. Big Five is the ONLY place I go to buy athletic shoes! They really do have the best deals!

  2. I agree about the only place to buy athletic shoes is Big 5! I also found some of my kids' shoes there for $20! (expected to spend at least $50). I have been behind in reading the blogs I follow, so I took today to play catch up. I love all the food posts & thanks for sharing the recipes!

  3. I need to find a pair of walking or running shoes and haven't found any I like. I'll have to go there. I really hope I find a good deal like you! :)

  4. Just had to say THANKS! I went to Big 5 and found a pair of shoes in less than a minute for $20 and they are the most comfortable pair I've had in a long time. I don't usually look there, but now it will be the first place I go. :)


Goodness, you just made my day a little sweeter. Thanks Bunches!

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