Sunday, August 24, 2014

French Toast Sunday

Today I am off from work today. I can't re-call the last time I had a Sunday off. It has been nice to sleep in and  have a quiet day to reflect on what is important to me. To also find myself pondering upon things I believe in. 

At this moment on thought that keeps coming to mind is making time for myself. A day to do whatever I want to do. A creative day to accomplish a talent that I have been pushing aside, something I really want to do.  But, as it is when I do get a true day off from work, it ends up being filled with things the family needs done, errands runned, or house cleaned. Today is very different. I have no plans, no obligations, no one truly needs me to take them anywhere, or there aren't any projects for others that are a must get done.  So, of course as I already mentioned, I slept in. It was blissful or at least restful. Then I told myself that I deserved to have a day off. So, I would keep myself from doing house work, and laundry, which I ended up doing 2 much needed loads anyways. I have to say it has been wonderful. Hubby (Robert) made me a really nice treat for breakfast. French Toast. I haven't eaten french toast in years, it's been  like 11 years. Since learning what my food allergies are, I discovered that I am not allergic to eggs. Had a Dr. years ago tell me he thought I was allergic to milk, eggs and cheese with yellow coloring. So,I avoided milk and scrambled eggs.  My french toast was made with homemade bread and covered in homemade syrup. Yummy, yummy, yummy!!! Then I did something that everyone commented on, laid on the bed and watched TV. Shocker! Brad kept telling me, "Mom, you never lay down in the middle of the day, it's weird." Still smiling as I share this with you. I also did something I have been wanting to have time to do for a looooong time, re-design my blog. With all the changes going on in my life right now, it's fitting that it should change as well. I also had time today to talk with Hubby, Robert about a few things. We don't get much time as of late just to talk about goals we are working towards. Married couples should have time for this. Awe, what a blissful day!  

This day has reminded me of how important as a full time working mom it really is to make time for myself. It is so easy to give away my time to my family whom I love, to friends, good causes, work, but, it is worth it to feed my soul with things I enjoy doing. Re-fill my giving tank, my bucket as many people say. Today, my soul feels refreshed. As I started to feel refreshed I am reminded of a phone conversation that mom and I had a few years ago. I was complaining that I never had time for myself. I was asking her how she survived being a full time working mother. She told of  how she loved to go to the local fabric store by herself and sit at the pattern book table and flip through the pages looking at things she could sew. Sometimes she would find a small piece of fabric to make something with. Then she suggested I do something that she admired of  dear friend. One day she saw her dear friend calendar.There was a star on several different days of the month. The friend would put a star on those days as a reminder that they were her days to do things she wanted for herself.  So, I gave it a try. I started putting a star on my on a few days during the month that would be my days. The star meant that I was unavailable for the day. I use to do this faithfully.It really help me make time for my sewing, crafting or baking projects. It was such a great idea. This is something I need to start doing again. I stopped doing it when I went back to school last year. But, now I am ready to start doing this again. Today, has been a good reminder that I need time for me.  The thing that triggered this thought was my niece recently posting on Facebook a message letting everyone know that she was busy between the hours of 7 am to 4pm for the whole school year. She is making room for writing a book, and doing things with her children when they get home from school. I loved her message. It was put in such a great way that as a mom you truly understood what she was doing. She is so wise to start making time for herself now, while the children are young.

This day has me looking at my calendar a little differently. Starting this week I will be working on a new routine and in that routine I will be making time for me. Do you make time to re-fill  your tank, or giving bucket? Happy Sunday! 

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  1. Good for you!!!
    It is so vital to do those things, but yet that "time" is the first thing to go when life crowds it out.

    I had a similar epiphany while on my recent trip to Florida.
    I also have made a committment to take care of "me"


Goodness, you just made my day a little sweeter. Thanks Bunches!

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