Monday, August 18, 2014

Good Smells & Blessings

As I walked through the front door, the smell of homemade bread assaulted my nose. I went searching out my Hubby right away. Normally on a Sunday afternoon, after a long day of work. I would come home to find him taking his Sunday afternoon nap, while Brad plays a video game  and everyone else hangs out in their rooms. The quiet is something I appreciate on a Sunday afternoon. But, not today. It was a very different. Emi was gone to church, a singles ward. The girls were busy on their computers, and Brad was the only one doing the usual gaming. Hubby was in the kitchen making bread. Wonderful tasting homemade bread. Then he delighted my heart with sweet news. He figured out how to make a pizza that I could eat. I haven't had pizza (one of my favorite foods) for going on 7 weeks now. Oh, how it delighted my heart. Such a simple thing. It tasted really good. Didn't even take the time to take a photo. 

 Today, Death has given me reminder of where my priorities are at. It also reminds me of how much family means to me. Death is the hard part of my job. To walk in my front door after a death at work and find fresh homemade bread, makes me feel very blessed to have such a wonderful husband. Who does so many wonderful things to help me. I have a heart full of gratitude right now. 

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  1. That is a great thing to come home to.
    Sometimes days in healthcare are too much and you need this family and home to be your solace when you get there.


Goodness, you just made my day a little sweeter. Thanks Bunches!

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